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Estado 29 Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico

Estado 29 is an orphanage located in the small town of San Antonio de Las Minas just north of Ensenada. Some of the children are orphans, while others came from abusive or neglected living conditions. Often, these children were abandoned by their families or found on the streets of Mexico trying to survive. The orphanage provides a safe haven for more than 50 children where they are able to grow and learn in a nurturing Christian environment.

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Picture slide show of the children (2.9 MB, wmv format)

6-minute video of orphanage (10.4 MB, wmv format)

Thanks from the children (6 MB, wmv format)

Donated Goods:  Mexico charges an import tariff for all donated goods not used for personal consumption that are brought across the Tijuana border.  These taxes can be substantial as they are based on the "estimated value" of the imported goods.  Mexican authorities often reroute travelers through an alternate border crossing at Otay Mesa if the imported goods are deemed to have commercial value.  Because of the time and expenses involved in importing goods, Steps of Hope Outreach does not accept or transport donated goods to Mexico.

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